Adult Intro to Carving 101
Saturday 8:30 am – 11:00 am
Sunday 8:30 am – 11:00 am
Cost: FREE
Registration form (print and mail in)

We will be offering two beginning woodcarving classes for adults 18 years and older, with no carving experience.  The class will focus on carving safety, the proper use of carving tools, the intricacies of wood grain and basic knife techniques.  Tools, safety equipment and wood project cut-out will be provided.  the first class is held on Saturday April 14, and the second is held on Sunday, April 15.  Classes are limited to 12 students per class.  Students may only take one class.  Classes will be taught and staffed by experienced members of the Red River Valley Woodcarvers Club.

These classes are sponsored by the Red River Valley Woodcarvers in the hopes that others will experience the same joy of woodcarving that they have.


Beginning Youth Carving
Ages 10-17
Cost: $2
Registration form (print and mail in)

Wayne Hankel will once again be teaching this class, and former students are welcome!  The class will meet Saturday morning on April 14, 2018.  Class times will depend on number of participants and will be determined after registration closes.  Deadline for registering is April 10th.