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“Picnic” July 17, 11:00

We will be holding our summer “picnic” at the Moorhead American Legion. Spouses and families are welcome to attend. As was discussed at our May meeting, the club will not be purchasing the meals. On Saturday they only offer their cheeseburger basket for $6 plus the cost of a drink. We hope to see you there!

Date Changes

The April and May meetings have been moved back a week. The new dates are April 10 and May 8.

For the April meeting there is not a formal class. Dick will be doing an eye study stick starting at 9:00 for those that are interested. In the afternoon there will be some other small projects you may elect to do. You can also feel free to bring a project of your own to work on.

March Meeting Change

As the Moorhead American Legion allows us to use their space for free, occasionally there are times that they have events that conflict with our scheduled meetings. On March 6, they will be having a chili cook off. We have pushed our meeting and class back one week to March 13. Hopefully you will still be able to attend. If you had signed up for the class, your instructor has emailed you about how to cancel if you are unable to attend at the new date.

Good News! If you haven’t signed up for the class, there are still openings.

March Project: Owl Feather with Patty Molm

Carve your choice of barn owl, snowy owl, or horned owl feather out of basswood. This is a great project for someone starting out with carving. There are tools and safety equipment available. The class will be on carving the feather. If time allows we will also paint them.

Class will run from 9 am to 4 pm with a break at 10:30 for the club meeting. Following the meeting we will have lunch. A cheeseburger basket is included in your class fee. You will need to purchase your own beverage. You may go elsewhere for lunch, but cannot bring food into the American Legion.

Experience level: Beginner and up

Suggested Tools:
Safety glove and thumb guard
1” bench knife
#3 gouge or similar

Fees: $35.00 paid to the Red River Valley Woodcarvers (RRVWC)
$10.00 blank fee paid to the instructor on the day of class.

Meetings and classes are held at:
Moorhead American Legion, Post 21
303 30th St. N
Moorhead, MN

Covid Cancellations

Unfortunately Covid isn’t playing nice. Due to the increase in cases, Minnesota govenor Tim Walz has put restrictions in place for gathering with people outside of your family. As we hold our classes and meetings in Moorhead, we will need to cancel our December meeting and will reschedule the painting class.

We will continue to monitor the situation. Our plan is to hold our January meeting and class as scheduled.

Kitten in a Mitten Ornament Class – November 7

Join us at the Moorhead American Legion for this adorable carving project. Dick Skauge will be leading the class in carving the ornament from basswood. There will be a separate class in December to paint the ornament.

Learn from Dick Skauge how to make this adorable kitten ornament. The blank is basswood approximately 4 3/4” X 2” X 2”. In the example the kitten’s fur has been woodburned, but we will not be doing that in the class. You may chose to do that at home, but it is not required. The December class will be on how to pain the ornament.

Class will run from 9 am to 4 pm. There will be a break at 10:30 for the club meeting. You are welcome to join in. There will be a lunch break following the meeting.  A burger and fries from the American Legion is included in your class registration but you will need to purchase your own beverage. You may chose to eat at a local restaurant if you prefer. Outside food is not permitted.

Experience level: Beginner and up. This is not for someone who hasn’t carved before.

Suggested Tools: Safety glove and thumb guard, small palm tools,

Fees: $35.00 paid to the Red River Valley Woodcarvers (RRVWC)

               $3.00 blank fee paid to the instructor

Tickets may be purchased at

Summer Whittle In – July 25, 10-4

Join us at the Moorhead American Legion (303 30th St. N) for a time of carving and eating! This is an informal event, so come and go as you please. There will not be a meeting or a class. The club will be purchasing burger and fries lunch for members. You are responsible for purchasing your own beverage.

Please bring a carving or two to display. There will be a display table for you to show off what you have been working for over the summer.

This is where we will be having our meetings, so it is a great time to check things out. Hope to see you there!

Coronavirus Cancellations

We have made the very difficult decision to cancel both our April Meeting and the April Wood Arts Festival. Keep safe, and we hope to see and carve with you soon!

Alec LaCasse Class

Bark Face Carving Class with Alec LaCasse
October 16-17, 9 am—5 pm

at the Moorhead American Legion

Master wood carver Alec LaCasse will be teaching a realistic face in cottonwood bark class. You can see his work and learn more about him on his website

To register for the class you must send in a $100 deposit.  The other $100 can be paid at that time or at the class.  This covers all of the materials needed for the class including the cottonwood bark. 

The class will be held at the Moorhead American Legion, 303 30th St. N.  There will be a break for lunch.  Lunch is not provided but there are many venues available in the area.  We will not have any sharpening equipment available, so make sure your tools are ready to go in advance.

Experience level: Intermediate and up
Suggested Tools: Safety glove and thumb guard
#4  25 mm gouge
#11  4 mm veiner
# 9  6 mm gouge
#9  16 mm gouge
#47 4 mm V-tool

The registration form may be printed and mailed to
Patty Molm
5721 32nd St. S
Frontier, ND 58104

Carve a Gnome out of Basswood with Bob Lawrence – March 7, 9-4

Carve a whimsical gnome 8″ tall. The class will focus on carving the gnome with a demonstration of how to paint it. The class is $30 payable to RRVWC and there will be a charge of $10 for the blank payable to the instructor at the time of the class.

The class will be held at “In the Chips,” 303 21st St N., Moorhead. There will be a break at 10:00 for the RRVWC club meeting. You are welcome to attend or to continue working on your project. There is a lunch break around noon. You can either bring a lunch, or there are some options nearby to go out for lunch.

Please print and mail in the registration form linked below to “In the Chips,” 303 21st St. N., Moorhead, MN 56560. You can also call 218-233-6000 or email

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