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"To promote camaraderie among woodcarvers and encourage the continuance of the art through education, public display, and civic involvement."


September 2015


A vision, a dream, or just simply curiosity, what does it take to get you to create?

Here are a few pics that I hope will inspire the creative spirit in you.

Maybe you will pull an old project out that you put away months ago. Today is the day that you will give it life!


Maybe you think that you don’t have it in you anymore? The artist in you has laid dormant so long that you have accepted it’s absence? Right now, this very moment is the time to start the reawakening!  Grab some tools, don’t even think about what you are going to make…just enjoy the fun of creating!


Maybe, I caught you on a day where all your plans for your project are running smoothly. That’s great! Step away from your work for just a minute. Now, I want you to look at all the stuff you have laid out on your workspace. Some of you will have tons of tools, anything from glue to razor sharp gouges. Others will only have a single knife and a block of wood in their hands.

Take a minute to realize that no matter the amount of tools we use…it all starts with our love for creation!


Studio Crawl 2015!!!


It is that time of year again when artist all over Fargo-Moorhead open their studio doors and let us in to see where they work and how they think! Studio Crawl 2015 will have our very own Ruth Severson and Barry Kutzer showing off some of their work on October 3 & 4. Make sure you do not miss this awesome opportunity to visit Ruth & Barry or any of the other super talented artist of our community.

Visit the link below to look at map and list of artist!

Studio Crawl

Our October class is near featuring Maynard Hemmah!

Maynard Hemmah will be teaching a relief carving of a leprechaun made from a basswood cutout.


Sign up quick so you can get in on this action packed class!

Download a registration form here or go to our REGISTRATION menu.

Oct class 2015

Another addition to our Gallery! Whoohoo!

Larry Longtine has been added to our Galleries section!

Larry has been carving for over 35 years and is a treasure of knowledge,skill and laughs!


Grab some coffee and kick back while you read about our beloved Larry and view some of his excellent works of art.

Thanks Larry and Oscar for being great photo models and members of the Red River Valley Wood Carvers!

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