Fan Bird class with Wes Spadgenske
October 6, 11-4

Cfanbirdarve a beautiful fanbird from a single piece of wood. I have had many people tell me this can’t be done, even while they are doing it. I have three different blanks to make almost any bird. I have one which is crested like a cardinal or bluejay, one with just a round head like a chickadee, goldfinch, bluebird, or most any round-headed bird, and a hummingbird. The feathers are already precut, which is the hardest part. The blanks are all natural wood so you can decide to color them to resemble your favorite bird or just leave them natural and let people wonder how you attached all those feathers so neatly.

Class will start after the club meeting.  We are scheduled to go until 4:00, but the class will probably end earlier.  There is a minimum of 9 students and a maximum of 20.
Make sure to register in advance.

If the class minimum is not met by September 28th, the class will be canceled.  

Tools needed: Safety glove and thumb guard, carving knife, small gouge, small v-tool.  There will be a limited number of tools available to borrow if needed.

Fees:     $30.00 paid to the Red River Valley Woodcarvers (RRVWC)
Blanks:  $8 per blank to be paid to the instructor

Click here for October class registration form