April 14-16

We are back at the Fargo Air Museum for a wonderful weekend of carving, competition, and appreciating vintage planes.

The show is open to the public
April 15, 10 am – 5 pm
April 16, 10 am – 4 pm

Featured Carver Cecilia Schiller

Cecilia Schiller combines carving, woodworking, and engineering to make whimsical interactive mechanized creations that come to life when your turn the crank. They are commonly known as “automata”, a genre that begun long ago by master clock makers who created amazing mechanical wonders that were then gifted between emperors and heads of state

Cecilia’s work became part of this tradition when a few years ago the Moroccan Counsel General to the UN purchased two of her peices as gifts for other diplomats. Ms. Schiller honed the multifaceted Skillset she needs to create these unique story telling devices over twenty plus years in the theatre world, building specialty props, scenic pieces, and sculpting masks and puppets.

Visit http://www.ceciliaschiller.com to see videos of her work, and follow her on Instagram @CrankyLady2.

Show Brochure