Our club has been invited to display at the Red River Zoo on Saturday Sept. 22 2018.  The time is 10:00 am to 5:00 pm, they have tables and chairs we can use.  The cost of the Carousal building is free and admission for the persons displaying is also free.  This is a great opportunity for our club to get out in front of the public.  We should plan on having a club table with information on what we do.  Offer the Saturday classes we have scheduled for this year and get some non-club students.  We should think about having a beginning carving class offering this fall. 

This is a great opportunity for our club and we need to put on a good showing.  We need all to participate and fill the carousal building with carvings.  Our cost is free  all we need is to show up, but you must signup before hand.  I don’t know how many tables the room will hold, so Patty and I are taking names and are hoping that everyone who wants to show can.  It is ok for Dave to offer soap carving.  And anyone who wants to sell can. 

 Let’s have a fun day and make this a big show, so big they might ask us back.  To sign up contact Patty Molm or Dick Skauge.